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At Katerina's Voice Studio, we offer a variety of services to suit your goals.

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pop, classical (including RCM), opera, rock, country, alternative

Whether you are a beginner taking your first steps towards finding your voice, or a professional singer looking to polish your technique, Katerina has a personalized approach to each student. This creates a unique program which always focuses on healthy singing techniques, proper breath control, pitch, projection, tone, range and flexibility of the voice, as well as song selection, interpretation and delivery. Katerina's students have a high acceptance rate into universities and colleges majoring in voice (Berklee College of Music, The UofT, Sheridan College, The American Musical and Dramatic Academy)

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pop, rock, metal, alternative, jazz, blues, country

Learn an instrument in a fun, creative environment while using proper techniques taught by an experienced, successful guitarist, Chris James. Lessons are planned and designed according to each individual student’s needs, therefore musicians of all ages, genres and levels (beginner to professional) are welcome. Learn all about recording and production, including proper studio set-up, music software, gear, and everything else you need to start producing your own music.

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for singers and bands

We offer competitive rates for high quality recording in our modern, fully equipped in-home basement studio, as well as arrangements of your original songs or covers.



Recitals, Open Mics, Workshops

Katerina's Voice Studio is committed to providing new artists with multiple performing opportunities throughout the year, such as workshops and concerts. Katerina has been creating new opportunities by organizing her own events, but has also been promoting and  accompanying her students at open mics and coffee houses.



Vocal Lessons

Vocal lessons are generally 60 minutes, however there are other options:
$60 / 45min
$40 / 30min


Guitar/Bass/Ukulele/Recording/Production Lessons

$55 / 45 min
$35 / 30 min


Studio Time (60 min minimum)

It takes several hours to record, and more to edit and produce a song. Every recording need is different, and a consultation is required for an estimate. Our flat rates start at $350/song and up.



Voice Teacher

Classically trained, versatile and in demand, Katerina has over 10 years of teaching experience, and is a vocal coach for Gabriela Bee, as well as over 60 other students of all ages and musical genres. Since graduating from The Glenn Gould School of the Royal Conservatory of Music in 2015, she has performed in multiple opera productions and has taught various musical genres to students of all ages and levels. Katerina believes that combining her classical technique with her passion for pop music has been essential in helping her students learn versatility in a fun and supportive environment.



Guitar, Bass, Ukulele Teacher, Sound/Recording Engineer, Producer

Berklee College of Music educated Chris James is a guitarist, recording engineer, composer  and producer who also has experience in live sound. Chris has been teaching electric and acoustic guitar (including extended range instruments), bass, ukulele and sound production/recording for over 10 years, and has experience working with students of all ages and  levels in contemporary musical genres, such as rock, pop, metal, country, alternative, blues, funk and jazz. As a producer, Chris has been working with singers / songwriters, transforming their acoustic versions of songs into fully arranged, recorded and mixed tracks.


Upcoming Events

  • Summer Recital (All Ages and Levels)
    Summer Recital (All Ages and Levels)
    Time is TBD
    Old Town Hall
    Time is TBD
    Old Town Hall, 460 Botsford St, Newmarket, ON L3Y 1T1, Canada
    Time is TBD
    Old Town Hall, 460 Botsford St, Newmarket, ON L3Y 1T1, Canada
    This recital is open to all students of Katerina's Voice Studio, and has free admission for all guests. Participation fee of $45 is due at the time of registration.
  • Katerina's Voice Studio Best of the Best Showcase 2020
    Katerina's Voice Studio Best of the Best Showcase 2020
    Sat, May 02
    Old Town Hall newmarket
    May 02, 2020, 7:30 p.m.
    Old Town Hall newmarket, 460 botsford st
    May 02, 2020, 7:30 p.m.
    Old Town Hall newmarket, 460 botsford st
    A rare opportunity to hear the top 10 pop singers and/or songwriters of the studio! Don't miss out on discovering new talent! All participants must be over 12 years old and receive a special invitation to participate.
  • Studio Recital
    Studio Recital
    Sun, Dec 15
    Old Town Hall newmarket
    Dec 15, 2019, 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.
    Old Town Hall newmarket, 460 botsford st
    Dec 15, 2019, 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.
    Old Town Hall newmarket, 460 botsford st
    Any and all students of Katerina's Voice Studio are welcome to participate! Participation fee is $45, admission is free.
  • Katerina's Voice Studio: Spotlight Series!
    Katerina's Voice Studio: Spotlight Series!
    Sat, Nov 02
    10 Via Renzo Dr
    Nov 02, 2019, 7:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
    10 Via Renzo Dr, 10 Via Renzo Dr, Richmond Hill, ON L4S 0B6, Canada
    Nov 02, 2019, 7:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
    10 Via Renzo Dr, 10 Via Renzo Dr, Richmond Hill, ON L4S 0B6, Canada
    Three singers in a concert of covers and original music, performed by Katerina's Voice Studio's artists headlined by Katerina's own acoustic set!



"Katerina has been an incredible vocal coach helping me with my range and breathing techniques. I recently completed a US and European Tour and Katerina's teaching has been a huge factor in the success of my shows!"


"I have been taking singing lessons with Katerina for the past four years. I have had various teachers over the years, and all of them have their own special technique of teaching. Each lesson with Katerina I find that I come away with something new to help mw with my voice. She has so much knowledge, so many helpful tips! Her teaching to me is worth gold and I am very grateful to have found her to help me grow as a singer/performer."


"Katerina's Voice Studio has not only provided a superb foundation for vocal techniques and bettered me as a vocalist but has also provided a great support system for starting my professional career. Katerina and Chris are the driving force behind making my music and have helped me tremendously with exposure. Katerina is not only a coach, but a friend, and your number one fan. She will push you to reach any goal that you have as an artist: from writing to producing instrumentals, to connections, you name it, there is a ton of support."


Lauren Rogers

"If you are someone who wants to learn vocal technique while also having lots of fun, Katerina is the vocal teacher for you! Not only will you leave each lesson smiling, but you will also leave with improved skill and overtime with all of the opportunities she provides to perform, better stage presence. In addition, she caters each lesson to each individual student. This means whether you want to sing professionally or just love to sing, she can help you get where you want to be. Katerina will support you no matter how many times your voice cracks to help you hit those notes with ease.

Katerina's Voice Studio is also an amazing home recording studio, so if you are looking to record, I would highly recommend booking studio time with Katerina and her boyfriend and talented producer, Chris."


Connie Wong

"I have been taking voice lessons with Katerina for about two years now and I have definitely noticed a huge improvement and confidence in my singing. She is really patient and takes the time to really get to know you, your goals as a singer and your vocal range. She puts a big focus on learning the proper techniques and improving her student' voice. At the beginning of each class, she makes it a priority to really warm up the vocals before starting any singing and will adjust each class based on the student's voice that day. Her encourangement and pointers really give me the confidence to continue singing outside of class and in public, something that I've never really had the confidence to do before. I love how friendly and personable she is, making our one hour classes fly by. She is one of the best teachers I've ever had and I am very lucky to have met her!"


Alexis Yam

"Katerina Utochkina is by far the best voice teacher I have ever had. I have taken weekly lessons from her for the last three years. Right from the beginning Katerina identified and understood my weaknesses and showed me the most practical tools to undo them. She immediately put me at ease from what I had considered a rather intense and vulnerable experience with other teachers over a ten year period before that. 
I am a tenor at a church choir and since taking lessons from Katerina I have improved so much that I have become a regular soloist in the choir, and I am now able to sing confidently at every Sunday mass service in front of a congregation of 700 people at the parish.
Thank you so much, Katerina!!"

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Olena Tropanets

"My daughter, Irene has been with Katerina’s Voice Studio for two years taking the classical and pop vocal lessons. During this time my daughter’s singing skills and confidence has grown a lot.  Katerina  has been always friendly, supportive and very encouraging!
We have enjoyed the Christmas and Year End recitals, the Showcase and  How to Sing Live Workshop which were all organized through the studio.  
I highly recommend Katerina and her studio to anyone who is interested in taking vocal lessons.
Looking forward for Irene to continue taking vocal lessons with Katerina!"


Grace Sun

"Katerina is an amazing teacher who has helped me improve in many different genres of singing, from classical training, to musical theatre! She is always kind, and prepared to help me achieve my goals. I always enjoy my lessons with her!"


Mia Snedker

"I had wanted to take vocal lessons for a long time but having no musical experience I wasn’t sure what to expect and on top of that I was terrified about singing in front of another person. I am so glad that I got up the nerve to take lessons and that I found Katerina. Her teaching style is patient and supportive with excellent feedback to help me improve and extend my vocal range. Since I started taking lessons I am absolutely amazed at how far I have progressed. I am now collaborating with Katerina to write my own songs and I have even recorded two of them so far! Recording has also been a great experience with Katerina there to put me at ease and coach me through the process. To anyone thinking about vocal lessons, no matter what age or experience, I highly recommend Katerina. Signing up for her lessons has been one of the best decisions I have ever made."


Sonya Nayar

"Katerina is an outstanding teacher. She is incredibly knowledgeable in just about every genre, and is always helping her students to be the best they can be. Katerina is encouraging, patient, and inspiring. Every lesson with her is amazing!"


Katrina Phang-Lyn

"Katerina's joy and passion for singing is clear from the first lesson. She is a very passionate teacher. Personally, I am quite shy and I don't have much confidence in my voice, yet Katerina has been nothing but encouraging and inspiring. She's not your average singing teacher. She is young and classically trained which also makes her perfectly capable of teaching people of all skills, strengths and comforts. She will always be there to listen to your concerns and will excitedly answer your questions. She creates a safe space for me to explore my voice and to express it!"


Heidi Arends

"I was never quite sure about my vocal abilities.  I always believed that I couldn’t really sing to save my life.  School music teachers were never very encouraging.  I dreamed of taking private singing lessons to feel better about my ability to sing but just never pursued it.  Katerina came highly recommended by a friend, and after careful consideration, I gave her a call.  I am so glad that I did!  She is a real pleasure to work with.  With her own formal training background and professional singing ability, I am very comfortable knowing I am in good hands. She encourages me to find the type of music I enjoy singing and to select songs which are challenging for my voice.  Her lessons are relaxed, and her kind feedback and guidance are so encouraging.  She has provided me with the ability to find the most comfortable range for my voice and even to expand my vocal range significantly.  I came to Katerina wanting to find my voice and can now sing in tune and in time.  I would encourage anyone of any age to reach out to Katerina.  She is an extremely talented teacher."

Aaryanna Guillermo

“Over the past few years, Katerina has taught me so much. Whether it be, getting out of my comfort zone or learning better techniques, she has helped me progress and adapt. When it comes to explaining techniques or certain songs, she’s very intuitive. She’s ambitious for her students to be successful in each lesson. She’s not only passionate but diligent about her work and teaching. When practicing or choosing new songs, she encourages me to try something new, especially with the instruments that I play. This includes, helping me increase my vocal range and using my head voice. Katerina is willing to help with any genre of music. If I’m ever feeling under the weather she will accommodate how my voice is sounding that day. Whenever I have upcoming performances or functions, Katerina helps me to prepare and gives advice as well as feedback as to how I’m presenting/singing the song. Also, she helps to accompany playing the guitar for my performances sometimes when I am unable to play my instruments for a certain song. If there is a song that I like singing an acoustic version of, she will play her guitar for the performance. As I will be reaching my last year of high school, Katerina is helping me to prepare myself for auditions as well as choosing universities for bachelors of music.  She is very supportive and encouraging of my plan to continue music as a career and get into school for it. Whether you’re feeling down on your worst days, Katerina will always cheer you up and be positive. I not only consider Katerina a mentor but a friend. I’m lucky to have her as a vocal teacher!”


Demi Pallas

"I met Katerina 5 years ago and I knew right away she was a good fit for me. The main focus of my lessons was classical voice training through RCM. If you are planning on singing through the RCM, Katerina is the best teacher to prepare you both for the repertoire and technical aspects of the exams. Her own rigorous classical training allows her to teach in a way only she can, and her notes as are easy to comprehend and build upon. She not only has helped me improve my overall classical vocal tone and quality, but my presentation, and comprehension of the theory of music as well. 

Though the main focus of my lessons was RCM, Katerina always found time in the lessons to make sure I was prepared for any other performances I might be doing in any style of singing. Katerina’s piano and guitar skills have also helped me prepare for countless pieces. She always goes above and beyond to make sure I feel prepared for any performance.

In the past year, I have been transitioning out of RCM to work on songwriting. Katerina has helped me find the confidence, and the opportunities (through her concert showcases) to share my music with an audience and start to work on building an album. 

Overall, I am so glad I found Katerina as a vocal coach. She has made me feel comfortable and confident enough in my voice to find my sound. I am so grateful for Katerina as a teacher and mentor in my life. She will brighten your day and strengthen your voice. "


Meg Dion

"I had never sang in front of anyone and I was terrified when I showed up for my first lesson. Katerina is the most warm and welcoming teacher and she makes you feel very comfortable which allows you to thrive instantly. She explains things in a concise but kind way, and I walk away from each lesson feeling like I’ve improved. Now we co-write music together and are excellent collaborators. She has pushed my creativity and made me confident in my abilities and writing skills. I’m so grateful to have such a supportive and talented vocal teacher! "


"Kat is a phenomenal teacher who has helped me move my vocal performance so far in a short period of time. She provides expert advice about pitch, dynamics and live performance that has been invaluable to me. Her teaching style is warm, encouraging and right on in terms of its accuracy and helpfulness! Thank You Kat!" Rubin Kates


Aurora, ON Canada


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